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One hour of Ice Dam Removal using Low Pressure Steam

One hour of Ice Dam Removal using Low Pressure Steam

$ 300.00 $ 350.00

When homeowners and commercial property owners around the Twin Cities have issues with Ice Dams on their roofs, they call the professionals at United Ice Dam Removal at 612-730-3920. We're fully insured and have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done safely with low pressure steam. 

The First question I always receive from potential customers about our Ice Dam Removal Service is "How do you remove the Ice Dam?"  The answer is with Low Pressure Steam (250 psi), which is the only safe way to melt the ice without causing damage to the shingles below.  Some companies save a few dollars by using a heated pressure washer which not only blasts away single granules at 3,000+ psi, but it also cause a significant amount of water run off which will refreeze at the ground level of your property

The next question is typically "how much does it cost?"  We do charge $300 per hour, and have for the past several years. A lot of our competition charges upwards of $400-500 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.  Sure the equipment, fuel to operate, and insurance are expensive, but I like to keep our prices fair, and helps home owners keep more money in their pocket.  That means that we don't jack our prices up when you need us most, and most people like that about us. 

Feel Free to contact me if you have additional questions not answered here. 


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